Red Dragon Karate San Dimas - Self Defense, Fitness & Family Fun Since 1965

The Red Dragon Schools have been helping communities for over 40 years by offering programs focused on "Life Skills."

These skills include self-discipline, self control, and self esteem. They are the principles, instilled and reinforced within the protocols of the martial arts, which will empower you to become a responsible, productive leader in your community.

What else can you expect from The Red Dragon Schools?

World-Class Instructors. Certified yearly by the American Karate Kung Fu Federation, Red Dragon instructors are professional and pride themselves on helping you reach your goals.

We Encourage Champions! A wide variety of styles give you the best education. The style taught in each Red Dragon Studio is a combination of the 7 major Oriental styles of martial arts. It's a very fast and powerful form which creates focused, dedicated, disciplined students who learn to become champions in the "Game of Life."

Our Base Style is Judo. Remember the 7 styles mentioned above? It's really much more involved than that as each style has its own subcategories as well. Talk about a well-rounded program! You get the best of it all.

The martial art styles we incorporate into our teaching include:

  • Japanese (Judo, Aikido, Shotokan)
  • Chinese (Kung Fu, Wing Chung, Kun Tao, Kempo)
  • Korean (Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido)
  • Okinawan (Go Ju Ryu, Isshin Ryu)
  • Indonesian (Javanese Silat, Thai boxing)
  • Filipino (Kali Escrima, Kickboxing)
  • Tibetan (Monks Form)

Red Dragon Karate was founded by Shi-Han Sensei Louis D. Casamassa, in 1965. Shi-Han Sensei Louis D. Casamassa is now a 10th degree black belt and is Grand Master of Red Dragon Karate and founder of the American Karate Kung Fu Federation (A.K.K.F.).

Shelly Toland, Vice President

Sensei Shelly Toland has quickly evolved from being a "dojo mom" into the front office manager for the Glendora dojo. Ultimately, Shi-Han Chris Casamassa convinced her that she should be training, not watching from the sidelines.

Early in her life, Sensei Shelly was diagnosed with Lupus and found physical training to be very challenging. The saying "What the mind can see and believe, the body can achieve" rang true for her in relation to her training.

Training with Shi- Han Casamassa and Master Steve Fisher on a regular basis showed her she could do the things she'd been told were not possible.

While demonstrating her passion for the arts, she has won several champion and grand champion titles. Defying her doctor's beliefs and exhibiting her rebellious nature she pushed onward and upward in Red Dragon to reach the position of studio owner.

She is currently a 4th Degree black belt in Red Dragon Karate and has over 15 years of teaching experience.

Coming from a business ownership and management background, which included a fitness center for over ten years, Sensei Shelly found that with the help of Red Dragon Karate perceived limits have morphed into goals to be surpassed.

Her husband, two kids, and granddaughter are all be proud of the example she has set.

Currently, at the San Dimas location, Sensei Shelly works with a dynamic group of martial artists and instructors including but not limited to - CEO of Red Dragon, Shi-Han Chris Casamassa, ranked 9th degree black belt with over 30 years teaching experience and Head Instructor Mike Salcido, ranked 4th degree black belt with over 15 years teaching experience.

Highlights of Founder Shi-han Sensei Louis D. Casamassa's Professional Career

    • 1958: Began studying Judo in Japan
    • 1958-1963: A decorated U.S. Marine in the service to his country, Trained at Kodokan in Japan.
    • 1960: Received his 1st Degree Black Belt in Judo at the Kodokan in Japan. He was one of the first ten Americans ever to be promoted under Risei Kano, son of Dr. Jigaro Kano as Shi-Han Sensei in Judo.
    • 1965: Opened the first Red Dragon Karate in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
    • 1967: Voted policeman of the year of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Police Force.
    • 1971: Opened the first Red Dragon Karate in Covina, California
    • 1973: Created certifying organization American Karate Kung-Fu Federation (A.K.K.F.) to promote certification and professionalism in Martial Arts.
    • 1974: Listed in the "Who's Who" of Karate
    • 1977: Nationally accredited advocate dedicated to improving the spiritual/mental/physical aspects of young martial artists.
    • 1982: Wrote self-defense book for women, Rapist Beware. Received California State Senate/Assembly resolutions for "Rapist Beware program." Received personal/professional commendations from Governor Pete Wilson, L.A. Major Tom Bradley, U.S. Congressman David Drier, L.A. County supervisors, & San Bernadino County.
    • 1993:Received Instructor's Award from Yamashita International Golden Masters
    • 1993: Recognized by U.S. Congress for Women's Self Defense program
    • 1996: Grand Masters Hall of Fame
    • 1997: International Masters Hall of Fame Leadership Award
    • 1998: Inducted into International Karate Hall of Fame Instructor Award
    • 2001: Co-created America In Defense (A.I.D.) for Airline flight & cabin crew safety training.
    • 2002-2008: Living Legend Award Winner for Most Successful Martial Arts Company
Meet Shelly Toland
Owner at Red Dragon Martial Arts in San Dimas, CA
4th Degree Black Belt

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